Alibaba is the largest e-commerce website in all of Asia. It’s a name synonymous with online marketplace. It is a large hub that connects manufacturers and wholesalers to retailers. There is no doubt that Alibaba’s reputation as one of the best e-commerce websites in the world is outstanding.

To help make the shopping experience convenient, alibaba app is created to serve users on a mobile device. Just like in any marketplace, there are rules that govern how Alibaba operates. To get the best shopping experience, the article examines some tips to get you started.

Check the seller’s reputation

Alibaba is well aware that there are several scammers always on the prowl to find their next victim. While algorithms are put in place to try to get them off the system, as a buyer, there are ways to verify a seller’s reputation.

The three things to look out for when shopping with Alibaba app are Gold Supplier, Trade Assurance, and Assessed Supplier. While it is generally advisable to only buy from a seller with all three tags, the reality is to settle for a seller with at least two of the three tags.

To be a Gold Supplier, the seller pays a monthly fee to Alibaba to keep the badge on. It shows they’re committed to making sales on the platform. Trade Assurance tells buyers that the seller has met all the rules to be a certified seller on the platform. Orders must be delivered on time and they have payment protection. Assessed Supplier means a third-party was used by Alibaba to verify the location of the seller’s warehouse or business.

Understanding MOQs

MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantities. If you’ve ever been on these large e-commerce sites, MOQs are a common thing. Manufacturers and wholesalers put MOQs to wade off buyers looking to buy single quantities. There’s nothing wrong in doing that but Alibaba is mostly created for bulk orders.

So, it’s common to see a high MOQ and get turned off immediately. However, you can negotiate with the seller. Yes, it is possible. As long as you’re being realistic with your demands. A seller with an MOQ of 1,000 will be unwilling to reduce his order limit to like 100. You have to understand that these MOQs are put in place to ensure the seller gets only serious buyers.

Use the filter option

E-commerce sites like Alibaba function with algorithms. They help bring products searched for and also try to show you related or similar products. A good way to get the best results is helping the algorithm fine-tune your search. This is where the filter option comes in. Depending on the type of product you want, there can be thousands on display with your search query.

Click on the Filter option and do your best to narrow down the option you need. What this does is to reduce the number of results you have to choose from. For example, a search result of 1,540 products can be reduced to just 564 products if you are more specific with your search using the filter option.


Alibaba continues to be one of the best e-commerce websites in the world, and for good reasons. As a business looking to buy affordable products in large quantities, there are few websites that come close. However, to get the best shopping experience from the platform, you have to understand how it works. The article highlights three important tips to help you shop right with Alibaba app.


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